Friday, November 9, 2007

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse

This is a public service announcement about the effects of alcohol abuse.


Nithya said...

That was a definitely good insight especially about Princess Diana who suffered a car crash because her Chauffeur was drunk it seems. Drinkers please take a control of your life, it is your precious life that you are playing with by getting drunk and drugs.


Alcohol abuse affects millions. This site has a lot of useful information.
Alcohol Abuse

althea said...

The World Health Organization recently admitted that the so-called global AIDS epidemic is over.The WHO’s head of HIV/AIDS department has announced that for the first time, there will be no global epidemic of the disease among the heterosexual population outside of sub-Sharan Africa.

Alcoholism Treatment

Pooja said...

Alcoholism is a kind of psychological disorder. It is a negative pattern of using alcohol that leads to number of health problems in individual’s life. There are many symptoms of
alcoholism like liver cirrhosis, epilepsy, sexual dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies. Too much of alcohol can lead to cancer, liver disease etc. People suffer from severe cognitive problems, anxiety disorder, depression, major depressive disorder, depression disorders etc. For more details refer alcoholism symptoms

Florence said...

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